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Real Jesus?

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It can be tempting to approach religion the way one might approach a salad bar:  “Wow—look at all this variety!  I’ll take some of this…and a few of those…but definitely none ofthose!  Beets bother me.”  As we head down the line we carefully craft a plate that reflects our likes and dislikes. Much the same often happens […]

History’s Bible

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  Sometimes if I’m on my own I’ll grab a frozen dinner from the grocery store. If I’m in the right mood those Hungry Man boxes always look good enough for Thanksgiving dinner. While the meals aren’t actually bad, they’re by no means Thanksgiving-ready. A frozen meal is never going to replace a home-cooked meal. […]

The Entire Bible in 1000 Words

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The Bible opens in an unspoiled garden and it ends in a city. Once upon a time God created the heavens and the earth. It was all good, but he told us that he was giving us a choice of what we wished to do with it. If we enjoyed it with him its perfection […]

Call Waiting

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Why do you do whatever it is you “do” in life? If you’re a student, an executive, a lawnmower repairman or whatever it is…why did you decide to head in that direction? Chances are there may be some pretty good common sense reasons for your choice: a good opportunity, the need to pay bills, maybe […]


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Relationships would be fine if it weren’t for the crazy people we have to share them with. They look great in movies or in TV ads. If you stayed in front of the TV for the Super Bowl ads you’ll see some light-hearted views on relationships. The Jamaican guy from Minnesota urging everyone to be […]