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Playing with Legos–Making “Room for One More”

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Making “room for one more” has always been a hallmark at New Life Church. Pastor Jul and Jackie modeled it. The first leaders embraced it. But as a church grows, it inevitably becomes more and more difficult for to continue to make room for those people. People start to slip through the cracks. There may […]

Playing with Legos

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by Ron Vanderwell I find myself spending a lot of my time playing with Legos.   Perhaps you’ve noticed that. If you look around our church you’ll see those little building blocks showing up in the most random places: in my office, in the mail trays on office doors, even on the stage in the auditorium. […]

“It’s All Up to Me” or Is It?

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by Roger Visker My devotion time led me to Psalm 62 this week. It has been a help as I have struggled with the question in the title. It seems that the world around us invites into a lifestyle where we individually are the ones responsible for the success we get in this life. It […]