30 Day Challenge choosing servanthood

Today I read the story of Stephen being martyred for his faith.  Because he took a stand for Jesus, the crowd became so angry they beat and stoned him to death.  I find this kind of action sobering and even disconcerting.  What am I willing to submit to so that I am identified as a servant of Jesus?  I certainly don’t want to be placed in that kind of a position, but if I am would I still serve Jesus or would I say no thanks this is too hard?  Really this kind of thinking leads to the simple question, “can I live without Jesus?”  I want to answer NO, but that answer certainly has not been tested for me like it was for Stephen.  I hope it never is. But I do trust that no matter what, Jesus is choosing me and that like Stephen, when my time comes, I will see the heavens open and Jesus standing there waiting for me.

As you go forward, as God’s servant, remember God’s presence often and draw strength from the knowledge that the One who calls and sends us also sustains us….