30 Day Challenge continues

Well it has been quite a week for me.  I got to see Texas, Oaklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois from the saddle of a motorcycle.  It was a beautiful experience and it helped me notice God more.  Thru the encouragement of my riding partners, I was able to take time to read the Bible each day.  I am blessed to have such good friends who joined me and all of us in the challenge while I was on the road.

This weeks theme was Christian Maturity.  I found that the passages were very specific about actions and behaviors that show us how we are growing up in our Christian lives.  I noticed that I have a long way to go.  I also noticed that Christian Maturity grows best in community.  It is the people of God encouraging each other to continue on, even when it is difficult that helps us move forward.  Paul was there for Timothy, Timothy was there for the churches he pastored, and in and through it all Jesus is there for us.  I am blessed to notice this fact and I am thankful for God’s provision in my life.

Thanks for your efforts towards the challenge so far.  I know God has blessed you through it.  Keep Reading, the best is yet to come!