30 Day Challenge – Final Post

Well, we made it.  I am sure, like me, it wasn’t perfect.  However, I did find it very beneficial for my spiritual life.  I am encouraged for both myself and for you all.  I am sure God is pleased too since deepening our relationship with him is what he desires.

I read Isaiah 1:10-17 today.  A very interesting read during a difficult time in Israel’s history.  Verse 17 calls out the nation to rethink their ways and honor God as he calls us to honor him.  It says: “Stop doing wrong, learn to do right.  Seek justice, encourage the oppressed.  Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow.”  Once again I am struck by the fact that our relationship with God is not just about our prayer and devotional life (which are important and vital, that is why we did the 30 day challenge) but it is also about being the hands and feet of Jesus.  To look after those who cannot look after themselves.  The Bible in general teaches us that a natural out growth of our deepening relationship with God will be to care for others in need – righting injustice, helping the oppressed, defending the orphans and widows.  I look forward to seeing how God works that out in us at New Life Church and the New Lenox Community.

Thanks again for taking the challenge with me. May grace, mercy, love, and peace flow through your life and ministry all day long….