30 Day Challenge – Final Week

Well we have made it for 3 weeks and are now on the final week of the challenge.  I talked with someone yesterday who said they had been doing the challenge and found it wonderful for their walk with God.  I could not agree more!  This time of challenge has really been a blessing as I get to know God better.  So lets keep at it and finish well.

Today I read Psalm 4 and was struck again by how often the book of Psalms calls us back to the one thing that really matters…”trust in the Lord.”  I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but I can trust in the Lord who does.  The call, over and over, is to trust in the Lord who will be with us through whatever we go through in this world.  Psalm 4 was written to call on God for relief from some devastating event happening in the life of Israel.  Perhaps a major drought or natural disaster.  We like Israel can trust in the Lord because he promises to be with us through whatever we face in this life.  So for now, it is enough to “…trust in the Lord.”