30 Day Challenge from on the road

The challenge has been to do the challenge as I have started my vacation on Saturday.  Certainly a motorcycle trip with friends is good for my soul, but with the 30 day challenge on the line I have had to be creative.  So I asked my riding buddys to do this with me.  They said yes, so all is good.

Today it was the story of Elijah healing the widows son who died.  God’s gracious love seems obvious here – her son who was dead is alive!  I thought about how the Israelites might hear this story as they learned their Bible and it seemed to me that they too would see God’s gracious love.  But also they would see a picture of the promised Messiah who was coming somethime (acutally it was another 1000 years, but they were waiting in hope of the Messiah the whole time).  I wonder if I really live my life anticipating the Messiah coming again?  What signs would I look for to live in real hope of His 2nd coming?  For the widow, it took raising her son from the dead.  I think that it would have to be something shocking like that for me too.  I hope by knowing God’s word better, I can live more easily into that hope.  I hope you can too.

From the road, trusting that God’s gracious love witl help bring us to “Christian Maturity”  Blessings all.