30 Day Challenge – June 22

Wow! We are over 1/2 way through the challenge!  I hope you are finding it to be helpful for your spiritual welfare.  I know it has really helped me.  So I am encouraged to continue on and finish the challenge with you all.  Then I hope we will all continue to deepen our relationship with God through reading His word on our own.  That is my prayer.

Today we were to read Ephesians 3:14-20.  This passage is a prayer written by the Apostle Paul.  He was struck again and again by how awesome God is.  He asks us to try and imagine how long, how high, how wide and how deep is the love of Christ that would do what he did for you and me.  A love that no matter how much we understand it, it will still be bigger than we think.  You see it is not about what we think or know, it is about our relationship with Jesus.  And offers us the opportunity to get to know him personally.  That is the relationship I desire and hope for.  It is the relationship I pray that I can grasp just as Paul prays it in Ephesians 3.

Blessings on your search to deepen your relationship with Jesus.  May you know him well!