30 Day Challenge – Power Deposits

My daughter sent me an invitation to an app on my phone that allows me to make deposits directly into her account.  Certainly a good plan for her!  Turns out I like it too.  Whenever I am thinking about her or if I know she needs a bit of cash to help her get by (she is working on her masters degree and living on a part time job out in California) I have the power to do so instantly right from my phone.  I can bless her anytime.  I like that.

Today we read Ephesians 1.  In verse 13 it talks about God sending us a deposit of the Holy Spirit that guarantees our future with Him for eternity.  I think God likes that.  I think he likes to bless us with what we need in a timely way, just like I like to bless my daughter with a little cash in her bank account anytime she needs it.  It seems there are more than enough debits in our bank account of life.  I feel really blessed to know that there is a deposit of the Holy Spirit that cannot be overdrawn and will guide me to eternity.

May you be blessed by the power of a Holy Spirit deposit in your lives today!