by Christine Bierma

“No Doubt about it”
“Benefit of the Doubt”
“Beyond a reasonable Doubt”
“Doubting Thomas”
“Without a shadow of Doubt”

When you think of the word “Doubt”, what comes to your mind? The absence of questions or a bag full of them?

When I think about doubt, in my own life, it is usually holding hands with fear. In fact, whenever doubt seems to hang a noose around my heart, fear is holding the other end of the rope.

This partnership between doubt and fear can cripple me and leave me gasping for air. And even though it only exists in my mind, I feel it physically. Have you ever experienced this?

I don’t struggle with the doubt that God exists, I feel pretty confident in my belief that He does. I am so grateful for that! But I do find myself doubting that he sees how I’m struggling or if He sees my struggles that He will intervene for me.

In the way that I want.
In the time that I want.
How I think He should.

It’s easier to doubt God than to place my hope in him. It’s safer. If I place my hope in Him, I could be disappointed by how He does or doesn’t show up. In my weakest moments, this is the fear that propels me.

Living by fear coupled with doubt is no way to live though. When I examine my doubts more closely I can see that they have more to do with me than with God. It’s when I choose to put myself in control, on His throne, that doubt and fear have an open door to my heart.

When the door of my heart is wide open, when I start trusting my feelings more and the Bible less, when I sit on God’s throne; it’s a recipe for disaster.

I have learned and relearned and am still learning that daily meditation on God’s Word gives me the solid footing I need to live the life God intended for me; a life of freedom and purpose. It’s not easy. I fall often but I’m so grateful that God forgives me, loves me and picks me up when I need it. I can doubt God, He can handle it. The amazing thing is that He never doubts me…that’s almost unbelievable…but it’s true.

When doubt and fear are closing in on you, reach for your Bible and hear what God’s response is.

Psalm 94:18-19
18 I cried out, “I am slipping!”
but your unfailing love, O Lord, supported me.
19 When doubts filled my mind,
your comfort gave me renewed hope and cheer.