New Lifers Serving Globally


What are some New Lifers doing to serve?  Some of them have heard God calling them to the far corners of the globe!  We are grateful they have answered His call.  Below are some of the opportunities New Lifers have found to serve globally.  Please support them through encouragement and prayer.  You may also choose to support them financially.

Dear New Life Congregation:

We recently returned from a life changing mission trip to Tijuana Mexico some of the ministry we did included:

House Construction: We went to a ministry named Caravan Ministries and our team split up and constructed three houses. These houses were either 12×12 or 12×16 (the size of a tool shed) depending on the size of the family but they were very grateful to have a roof over their heads. The house we built was for a family who had their house burned down; we gave the father a bible after we finished the house he said thank you and began to cry.

Casa de Gracia (House of Grace) Orphanage: We went to the orphanage two days and it was a joy to see the kids there. They really loved to spend time playing soccer or wrestling with us and attempting to help us work. We fixed a flight of steps and a 3-4 ledge into a hill of trash, concrete and a little bit of dirt. This was part of an on going project at the orphanage preparing a play area for the boys. It is really cool to see the progress made from the last year. tijuana1

Dump: We went to the dump again and brought fruit, vegetables, cooking products and water for the people. In addition we were able to bring over a hundred pairs of work gloves to the people of the dump to help prevent injury and infection.

“El Mapa” Street Feeding: We fed a spaghetti dinner to over 300 men, women and children living in a tent city in the middle of Tijuana along the border. We met and shared the gospel with many newly deported people and it was very interesting to hear their stories.  We were able to get several men to come to the homeless shelter at the church that they have every night.

Ranch: The Ranch is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center but it is really a discipleship center where many men find God and turn their lives around. Many of who become leaders in the church and ministry later on. One such “success story” of God working at the Ranch is a man named Israel. Israel is a very talented man and very friendly but struggles with drug abuse and it has landed him in jail throughout the years. He has been at the Ranch on and off.  I (Jake) with Colin saw him this summer and he had recently arrive at the Ranch, I told him he better be there when I get back in November and he was there and doing great.

Worship/Thanksgiving Dinner: We as a group served over 250 people from the community and ministry a thanksgiving dinner. We had worship for several hours. The worship at La Roca was very genuine and refreshing to take part of!

Thank you all so much for your generosity we all had a great trip serving God and getting closer to him. We all experienced God in a very real way on this trip and it was a great experience. You were so generous both financially and prayerfully and it means a lot to all of us.


Colin, Owen, Jordan, Jake, and Adam