Next Steps (for 5th Graders)

All 5th Graders and their parents are invited to join us for Next Step Sunday on Sunday, June 4.  There will be a special time of prayer and recognition during the service, followed by a luncheon.    (Siblings are welcome too!)  Please bring a salad or side dish to share.  At the luncheon you will find out more about what the next steps for 5th graders will be.  Hope to see you there!

As part of the service, there will be a time to recognize each of our 5th graders.  Please provide a baby picture and a recent picture of your child.  Send your pictures to Deb Vanderwell  at  If it is easier, you may also post to Facebook and tag Deb Vanderwell.

Additionally, we’d like to give your child a gift to remember this time and to use to grow in their next steps.  Please discuss with your child which of the following gifts he or she would like to receive.  There is a place for your to share that in the registration form below.

5th girls devo boys devo Live Bible


Please register for the day below:

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