“It’s All Up to Me” or Is It?

by Roger Visker

My devotion time led me to Psalm 62 this week. It has been a help as I have struggled with the question in the title. It seems that the world around us invites into a lifestyle where we individually are the ones responsible for the success we get in this life. It is through our determination, our hard work, our diligent endeavor that we wrestle a bit of control in our life to bring some measure of order and satisfaction into it.

My problem with this whole line of thinking is that my experience actually pushes against this way of life. In truth, my efforts routinely fall short, shouldering the load on my own only weighs me down with all manner of fears and anxieties, and the burden of responsibility seems to crush me down like an 18 wheeler going over a cardboard box. In my experience I find that I am not designed to live life this way.

This is where Psalm 62 comes in. It teaches me a new way, a true path that brings me to a different way of life. “My soul finds rest in God…” It says loud and clear that it is not all up to me! I don’t have to live on my own strength, my own merits, or my own accomplishments. Instead it is God’s strength I can depend on, it his God’s love that carries me and frees me to become who He intends me to be and not some lesser self I intended.

Psalm 62 also calls us to “put our trust in Him…” because He is strong and loving and He promises to take care of us. Our first instinct is to put our trust in ourselves, but I have and continue to discover that putting my trust in Him is what really frees me to become who I am intended to be in this world. So I can find true rest when I put my trust in God who loves me and gives me strength. I am trusting Him to make it so in my life. Praise God!