Connection Point Small Groups


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What is Connection Point?

Different types of adult studies available at New Life Church, including:  Men’s Groups, Women’s Groups, Support Groups and Life Groups. Together these groups exist to help people grow deeper in their faith & their walk with God by…

1. Intentional Living – Intentionally making room and time available in our lives to gather around a table with others.

2. Spiritual Friends – Creating connections in which spiritual growth can occur through maturing relationships with others.

3. Growing Closer to God – Integrating God’s Word into our lives for the purpose of spiritual growth and obedience.

4. Outward Focus – Continually challenging ourselves and our groups to maintain an  outward focus by thinking of others.

  • Fall Trimester: 3rd week of Sept – mid Nov
  • Winter Trimester: 3rd week of Jan – mid March
  • Spring Trimester: 3rd week of April – mid June

Why semesters for groups?
Semesters give natural breaks for new people to join groups that have openings, for promotion of new groups for the next semester, and for people to decide if they want to stay with the group they are in or try a different group next semester next semester.

What is a Starting Point Group?
Starting Point groups are a great opportunity to try a life group in a low pressure, no strings attached environment.  Ever wondered what life groups are all about?  Starting Point is a 4-week, short-term way to experience life in a group with other people from New Life Church.