Faith Community Nursing

A specialty practice of Registered Nursing that seeks to integrate spirituality with health.

Mary Degroot, RN, BS is our Faith Community Nurse.
Mary has 27 years of experience in Public Health Nursing and is a Certified Faith Community Nurse.
You can reach Mary at 815 575-6359 or

Mary’s Hours:
Mary is available by phone 815-575-6359 or email and welcomes your questions, concerns, or comments. Please do not hesitate to contact her.
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What is Faith Community Nursing?
The spritiual dimension is central to the practice, but also includes physical, psychological and social dimensions of nursing practice.  It utilizes the faith community as a practice setting.  It is based on holistic care of the person and it is primarily focused on health promotion and disease prevention.

It does not use the medical model of care and therefore Faith Community Nursing do not perform invasive procedure or “hands on nursing”.
It is grounded in the example and teaching of Christ. The Faith Communitee Nurse works alongside the ministries and staff to promote the church as a place of health and healing.

The areas of focus are:

  • Health Educator
  • Personal Health Counselor
  • Health Advocate
  • Integrator of Faith and Health
  • Develop Support Groups
  • Accountabilityns of a heart attack and lack of rest, sleep, and stress are common triggers. Three out of four people are stressed about money.

Lightning Safety Awareness Week – June 21-27

Recent thunderstorms have produced spectacular lightning shows, but the Illinois Emergency Management Agency (IEMA), the National Weather Service (NWS) and local emergency management agencies are urging people to stay safe by heading indoors during storms as part of Lightning Safety Awareness Week June 21-27.  To read more about how to protect yourself and loved ones during thunderstorms, please click the below link.

Lightning Safety Awareness Week