New Life GEMS Girls Club


Brings 2nd-8th grade girls into a living, dynamic relationship with Jesus Christ.

About GEMS

The name GEMS is an acronym which stands for Girls Everywhere Meeting the Savior.  GEMS Girls Clubs is a relationship-building program created especially for girls!  The purpose of GEMS is to help bring girls into a living, dynamic, relationship with Jesus Christ.

To help foster this all-important relationship between each girl and Christ, other relationships are nurtured as well – between girls and between girls and their counselor (leader).

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GEMS Registration-Trip-Medical-Photo Release 2016-17

GEMS Fees Form 2016-17

GEMS Family Talent Form 2016-17



GEMS Leaders:

Susan O’Donnell

Nicole Schabes

Sarah Bancsy

Alicia Anselmo –

GEMS Video

Do you wonder what happens at GEMS?  We invite you to enjoy this video and get a sneak peak at our calendar this year!

GEMS 2016/2017 Calendar
6:30 – 8:30 p.m.

8/26 ( Friday ) Cadets and GEMS registration and Ice cream social 7pm

8/31 GEMS Counselor training seminar Lansing IL

9/14 All Hands Counselor Meeting. Pizza and swimming at the Bancsy house 6:30pm

9/28 First Meeting, Theme night.

10/12 Lesson Night

10/26 Craft night ( Halloween Boo Craft for community outreach)

11/2 Skating party with the Cadets @ Lynwood Skating Rink

11/9 Lesson Night

11/30 Service Project with the Cadets TBA

12/14 Board game/Craft/ Christmas Party

1/11 Lesson

1/25 Lesson

2/8 Lesson Derby Car Cutting

2/22 GEMS Olympics and Derby Car Leading

2/26 Derby

3/8 Lesson. Cookie Dough fundraiser passed out

3/22 Group Badge For Cache Creek

3/28 GEMS Sunday practice 7 pm sound check with the band

3/29 Service Project with the Cadets TBA

4/2 GEMS Sunday

4/12 Group Easter Lesson, Craft for “You’ve Been Egged Outreach” Cookie Dough orders due.

4/26 Auction and Cookie Dough Pick up. Balances for Camp handed out

5/10 Camp Craft and 8th grade Graduation night . Camp forms and Money due .

5/20 Camp Tecumseh

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Alicia Anselmo

Sarah Bancsy

Connie Boehning

Victoria Hay

Amy Harold

Dawn LaMorte

Sue O’Donnell

Nicole Schabes

Counselors in Training

Abby DeVries

Kailey Kamp


Our last meeting of



Gems rudolph photo  be578622888027.56319efc08ce0

Did you know that Rudolph was a different sort of reindeer? Of course you do! His differences caused him a lot of grief early in life. The other reindeers made fun of him, and excluded him. But, as the story continues, we know that when the dark night came, what made him different made him important. In fact, not only did he make his own situation better, he saved all those around him. Sometimes we can be a lot like Rudolph. Following Jesus is going to make us look different. There might come a time when we are excluded or made fun of for what believe. Hang in there, and keep living your life by the light of the God’s word. When trouble and hard times come, you will be the light that others look to. Like Rudolph, God’s light in your life can show others the way too! This world will tell you that you need to look like everybody else to fit in. Don’t buy it. In a world full of ordinary reindeer, be a Rudolph.

*we reserve the right to discuss Christmas stories outside of December 

Take a peek at our graduating GEMS girls!

                       Sophia Gomez

                       Megan Perkne

                       Noelle Miller

                      Gillian O’Donnell