Kingdom Kids — Gospel Project Resources

 How you can use 


In your home!

Let Kingdom Kids partner with you to help connect your child to Christ. We’ll open a great spiritual conversation each Sunday and then give you some wonderful follow-up resources so that you can continue that conversation at home.

Here is a list of resources for you to choose from:

1. The Gospel Project for Kids App: This app enables parents to reinforce each week’s Bible story at home. Each quarter, the app provides a unit introduction and a 5-day calendar filled with simple family activities and links to Bible story and discussion starter videos, key passage songs and fun games. (Search “Gospel Project for Kids at the App Store. 0.99 phone, $2.99 tablet/ quarter)

2. Big Picture Cards for Families: At the beginning of each quarter your family will receive a set of trading-size cards illustrated with the Bible Story pictures, the Bible passage, the unit key passage, the big picture question and answer, and the Christ Connection for each Bible story.

3.  Family Journal Page: This page follows up on the Big Picture Question from the lesson and gives you a thoughtful and practical way to follow up in writing at home.

Click here to download April 12 – May 17 FAMILY JOURNAL PAGES

4.  Adult/ Kid Connections: This page takes a look at each week’s lesson and focus from preschool through adult. It then gives a meaningful family devotion idea that you can use with your family

Click here to download Adult Kid Connections SPRING 2015

5. The Gospel: God’s Plan for Me: The Gospel plan in kid-friendly language.

Click here to download Gospel-Gods-Plan-for-Me-Poster

6.  Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook: This Bible storybook correlates directly with The Gospel Project. It includes 145 stories with fresh illustrations and a “Christ Connection” feature showing kids how God’s plan for salvation through Jesus appears throughout the Bible and a free “augmented reality” app that brings the art and story remarkably to life both visually (in 3D) and audibly. ($11) The Big Picture Interactive Bible Storybook