S.H.I.N.E.Fest Challenge

New Life SHINEFest Challenge

Take the great spirit of Shinefest off our campus and into our community. Find creative ways as individuals, families and groups to let our lights shine for Jesus with the people and in the places where he has placed us and given us a passion.

What can we do to shine God’s love this fall season? How can we be a light in the darkness? Let’s get creative! Here is our growing list of ideas:Arrange with our small group to visit a nursing home or Trinity home.

  1. Arrange to visit a nursing home or Trinity Services home for people who have intellectual disabilities with your small group, family, or a group of friends.
  2. “Boo” our neighbors with random acts of kindness.
  3. Include a message of Christ’s love with the candy we hand out this Halloween.
  4. Put those Christmas lights out early and blast some Christian music and “light up” our neighborhood this Halloween
  5. Borrow a big coffee maker from church. Get up early. Brew some coffee and go serve it to morning commuters at the Metra station.
  6. Join with some friends!   One of the best parts of past Shinefests has been simply dressing up in goofy costumes and handing out loads of candy to kids.   Invite your Checkpoints group or your ministry team to join you in your driveway or parking lot to do that in your neighborhood, or join with some friends to make your front lawn the house that everyone wants to visit this year! (Maybe decorate some trunks just to kick it old school.)
  7. Bake a plate of cookies and bring them over to that neighbor you’ve been meaning to get to know.
  8. Call Hands of Hope and arrange for your family or small group or ministry group to go serve there.

Either complete a challenge or contribute to the “Shinefest Fund” which then sponsors other people’s ideas and remaining funds are donated to a local ministry or as seed money for future projects. Simply put your contribution in an envelope, label it “Shinefest Fund” and drop it off in the church office or in the collection plate on Sunday.

And this is all happening on Facebook. Think “Ice Bucket Challenge” and you’ll have the right idea. See the final page for instructions and follow all of the action on New Life Church – New Lenox, IL’s Facebook page.

Shinefest Challenge Instructions

Brainstorm and choose your “Shinefest” idea (It can be an idea directly related to Shinefest/ Halloween or a more general way of letting Jesus’ light shine).

Got an idea about how to let your light shine?

Video what you are going to do using a script similar to:

“Hey New Life.  We’re letting Jesus’ light shine this fall by ______________.

How are you going to let your light shine for Jesus? We challenge _________ (name 2 New Life families, individuals, or ministries) to let your light shine for Jesus. You have 24 hours to post your Shinefest idea and then pass the challenge on.”

Post your video challenge to Facebook using the hashtag #Shine(fest)forJesus or #NewLifeNewLenox and tag New Life Church as well as the names of the people or organizations that you are challenging (You can also post on Instagram as long as you also share on Facebook as well)

When you follow through and are doing your idea, video and post again saying:

“Hey New Life. We’re following through on our Shinefest Challenge today by _____________________. Let’s keep shining!