Follow:  Youth Profession of Faith Class

Follow: Youth Profession of Faith Class

Next meeting:  May 22 at 11AM.  Plan to attend the 9AM service together, and then we will have our last meeting.  At 12:30 the council will join us for lunch.  We will be done by 2.

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Profession of Faith





The Parent/Student Information Meeting will take place Sunday, January 31 from 12:45 -1:45.  Lunch will be provided.  Please RSVP to by Friday, January 29. 

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What is Follow?

Follow is a Profession of Faith workshop for those in Junior and Senior High. Over a 5 month span of time, participants will have a chance to learn more about what it means to be a follower of Jesus and decide if that is something to which they would like to publicly commit to at this time in their life.


Are you ready to stand up profess your faith as a follower of Jesus? Do you have questions about profession of faith and what being a follower means, why you should or shouldn’t profess your faith at this time, and how you would go about it if you wanted to profess your faith? This 5 part checkpoint group serves as an opportunity to learn more about profession of faith, challenge you to think about where you are in your faith walk, share your questions and challenges with peers, and set up an opportunity for you to publicly profess your faith in front of your church family.


Part 1 is a mandatory meeting for both the student and a parent. At that meeting, details of the remaining sessions will be laid out. Parents and students will hear an overview of the profession of faith process as well as have an opportunity to ask questions. Following that meeting students will be able to decide if they would like to continue on in the process at this time or wait until a later time.

Part 2 consists of an meeting between the student and a leader to discuss where the student feels he or she is at in their current faith walk and why they have decided at this point to participate in the Follow Checkpoint session. This is just a short (20 minutes or so), informal opportunity to talk. Following that meeting, students will decide if they would like to continue with part 3.

Part 3 will consist of 3 separate times of group study in which the students learn about how their individual stories fit with God’s story, New Life’s story, and that of the universal church. They will work through the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and talk about how knowing these beliefs affect their individual faith walk. They will have a chance to share their faith stories with their peers. There will also be outside Bible study and prayer.

Part 4 will be 2 follow up meetings, one with your leader and one with the council.

Part 5 will include some wrap up personal responses.

 Following the completion of Part 5, students will decide if they would like to make public profession of faith in front of their church family.

Cost: There will be a $20 fee for books. Students will be using Christian Beliefs by Wayne Grudem and Live Inspired, a 90 day interactive devotional for students produced by Barefoot Ministries.

Students will also be asked to pay $5 per week if they would like to have lunch provided for them. We will begin each of the 3 workshop sessions with lunch and conversation. If students would prefer to bring their own lunch, they are welcome to do so.

If cost is an issue, please let me know.



Do I need to be at all of the meetings?  

Yes, it is required that you attend the meetings. If you have a conflict with a meeting date, please let me know as soon as possible to see if there is a way that we can make up that class time.

 Is Sunday the only day it’s offered?

Right now, yes. There is the possibility that we will add a week night class to this session is there is a need for it. If you would like to take the class, but cannot make it on a Sunday, please let me know.

 Is it a lot of work?

Honestly, yes. We have high expectations for you if you’d like to take this class. The work is not hard, but there are some concepts that will be challenging (we’ll work through that as a group–no worries!) and it will require a good portion of your time. There will be reading requirements, journal assignments, and other activities to complete that will take time out of your day. There are daily devotional activities that should take at least 10 minutes of each day. The reading/class prep will likely take you an hour or two before each session. You’ll be asked to take a good look at where you are in your spiritual walk–sometimes that is hard, but I think you will find it’s worth it.

How do I know if I am ready?

You’re actually the best person to decide that; however, if you would like to learn more about who Jesus is, how His story and the story of His church might affect your life, and if this is something that you think, “I might like to do that,” come on January 31 to learn more. There’s no list of requirements; your desire to learn and participate is the main thing that makes you ready. (And just a side note, being nervous about doing this doesn’t mean you’re “unready,” it means you’re probably pretty normal.:)

(variation: How do I know if my child is ready?)

They are actually the best person to decide that, but you can help them decide by talking with them about where they are at and encouraging them.

Should I make my child go?

Watch me talk out of both sides of my mouth on this one, with no real idea if I am right. 🙂  If your child is in 6th-10th grade, no, don’t make them. If they feel they aren’t ready or aren’t interested, don’t push them. Profession of faith isn’t something we want anyone pushed into, and this will hopefully get them thinking and asking.  There will be other opportunities for them. If you think they really want to but are just scared or nervous, encourage them to attend the meeting first meeting and/or talk to me.

If your child is in 11th or 12th grade, if possible, I would make them attend the opening session and the individual meeting and then see where it goes from there. (In other words, yes make them at least start) It is important that they’ve been challenged to think about where they stand, what they believe and why. We will not force them into profession of faith, but this workshop will be a good place for them to learn and question. It will be their choice if they accept. (Feel free to discuss this further with me, of course there are always exceptions to every rule.)

What if my child is younger and wants to make profession of faith?

Talk to me. In some cases a younger child may be able to participate, but in most cases we will have to find an alternate avenue to profession of faith. Because of the reading, workload, complexity of the Christian basics, this class may be challenging for those in younger grades. That doesn’t mean they still won’t be able to profess their faith, it just means this may not be the best path for which to do it in.

You will get a good picture of what will be happening in the January 31 meeting so I’d strongly encourage you to check that out if you have questions. You can also contact me any time.

One final thing. There is a size limit on this class to be sure that everyone has a chance to participate in the class discussion and to be sure that everyone gets individual attention. Anyone who would like to attend the first session, even if it is just to get more information, please sign up for the Checkpoints group.

There will be a 2nd sign up following that meeting. We will close the class after 12 participants.    (Any current high school juniors and seniors will allowed in, which my require us to waitlist some younger students, even if they did sign up earlier. Thanks in advance for your understanding!)

Looking forward to seeing what God has in store for this group!

The dates for Follow:

Sunday, January 31 –Parent/Participant Meeting — 12:45-1:45

Student Ministry Room


Participants will set up an individual meeting time with leaders during the month

of February. There will also be prep work for class to be completed during this time.

(A sign up sheet with time slots will be sent out following the January 31st meeting date.)


Due at individual meeting: Live Inspired Chapter 1 (Paper copy)


Workshop Dates:  March 20, April 17, May 22  12:30-3:00


March 13 12:30-3:00

Due: Live Inspired: Make Something New Again

Seeing with New Eyes


Christian Beliefs : Chapters 1-9 (Read chapter, highlight, and fill out study sheet for each chapter.)


April 10 12:30 – 3:00

Session 2:

Live Inspired:   Hungry?




Christian Beliefs: Chapters 10-16 (Read chapter, highlight, and fill out study sheet for each



May 15 12:30 – 3:00

Due Session 3:

Live Inspired:     Trust



Christian Beliefs : Chapters 17 – 20   (Read chapter, highlight, and fill out study sheet for each chapter.)

Appendix 1

                Student Survey (Favorites)


May – Follow up Interview with Lisa — due: Testimony


Tentative date for meeting with council: May 22

Profession of Faith date: June 19