One Sunday Morning Service

At their most recent meeting, our Council made a decision to combine our two morning services into a single service beginning Sunday, Dec. 11. This step had been suggested to Council members by members of the congregation during the past several months, since our two services are not needed for seating capacity. Council members based this decision on the following factors: a single service could encourage a sense of unity in the congregation, it could provide better stewardship of volunteer time and energy, and it could better focus a sense of energy in our worship.

Beginning Sunday, Dec. 11, we will have one 10 am worship service, following the pattern we have used on special Sundays in the past. Also, we will adjust our Christmas services accordingly. We will have one Christmas service on Fri. Dec. 23 at 7 pm and a second identical service on Sat. Dec. 24 at 2 pm. There will be no 4 pm service on Dec. 24.

Council spent some time recognizing that this decision will not come without drawbacks. There are some in the congregation for whose work schedules will make it difficult to attend a 10 am service. Council members have already approached some for whom this may be true. If you have questions, feel free to contact any member of Council or talk to one of the pastors.