Praying for friends at Christmas

Praying for Our Friends at Christmas

If you’re like a lot of people at New Life Church, you have unchurched friends at school or work and you wish you had a way to share your faith with them in a meaningful way (but you don’t want to force anything).  The best place to start is by praying for our friends on a regular basis.

Pastor Ron is challenging all of us at New Life to commit to praying each day for the unchurched friends whom God has placed in our lives.  Here are some guidelines to help you pray more concretely:

1.  Start each day by simply asking God to help you SEE the people he has already placed in your day.
2.  Notice people who are STRUGGLING with some aspect of their lives and ask God to meet them in their pain, frustration or weariness.
3.  Ask God to USE YOU in some way to help meet that need as we anticipate our celebration of Christ’s birth, whether by some passing comment or in a larger act of service.