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Our Purpose Statement

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Sharing our new life in Christ through… · Worshiping Him together · Growing together, transformed by His Spirit, and · Serving others together in His name.

Priority Four — Developing Leaders

In my past three blog posts I’ve been detailing the first three of the four priorities that are shaping our path forward into our adulthood as a church. If you look at these priorities together you can begin to get a sense of just how different our ministry will become as we grow into our […]

Our Second Priority — “Raising Spiritual Temperature”

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As I’ve mentioned, I have found myself thinking about Lego blocks a lot lately: those little plastic blocks that fit together. I’ve found that regular building blocks may look like they fit, but they really tend to tumble with the slightest bump. Lego blocks, on the other hand, have a solid way of connecting to […]

The Four Priorities — “Fitting Together”

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This is part 3 of “Playing with Legos”, a series of Pastor Ron’s blog posts in which he is offering an behind-the-scenes view of some of the ways that our leaders have been helping us learn how to fit together . You can find the first two installments here and here. Since last fall you’ve […]

Playing with Legos–Making “Room for One More”

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Making “room for one more” has always been a hallmark at New Life Church. Pastor Jul and Jackie modeled it. The first leaders embraced it. But as a church grows, it inevitably becomes more and more difficult for to continue to make room for those people. People start to slip through the cracks. There may […]